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Bringing Back True Boxing Entertainment

A lot are installed this year in the boxing industry and will definitely excite a lot of boxing fans on the sidelines. There are a lot of expectations however, with the upcoming McGregor and Mayweather Jr. fight about to happen, obviously, there are a lot of people that are worried that the sport is going down the drain and the people behind such event is more focused on greed rather than the entertainment that the sport brings. Mixing one fighter from a different sport to another is a different thing and it is not a good sight to experience although it is exciting. Although they are signs and a feeling that the sport is going down the drain, good news then sprouted bringing back the life in boxing. The Golovkin and Alvarez fight is pushing through and is in the process. That being said as well, Golovkin vs Canelo tickets are starting to take picture too.

With boxing being feared because of the cross-pollination of fighters to meet in the ring, it cannot be avoided that comparisons are made; boxing vs MMA. Although these things are made to entertain fans and millions of viewers, it will still affect some individuals about the changes in the sport just for the sake of entertainment or perhaps the more obvious, the profit that they are going to gain. In line with the statement, the McGregor and Mayweather Jr. fight is making a lot of noise with a positive and negative output eventually will come out in the way.

Although the the McGregor Mayweather Jr. fight  is so much a buzz, Oscar De La Hoy the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions is more excited about the Canelo Golovkin bout. The fight branded as the ‘super fight’ of the year will change the views and opinions of other people and let them focus more on the September fight. De La Hoya is very positive that their fight will bring back the entertainment and excitement that the sport of boxing is known for.

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