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Why you should get a rooftop tent?

So, you have decided on the campsite, set up your tent and are ready for a peaceful night’s sleep? You crawl inside your sleeping bag, only to realize that the site is lumpy and uneven. You are already inside and it's too late to move, so you decided to deal with it. You fall asleep only to be woken in the middle of the night by a pool of water in your tent. Though your rainfly was secure, you camped in a low area and now you are soaked. Well, this is a pretty common story and one that you can avoid living. Thanks to one lovely piece of outdoor innovation – the rooftop tent. The rooftop tents can be found online quite easily at very affordable rates on websites such as, etc. Rooftop tents attach either to the roof of your car or to a trailer. They have redefined the term “car camping” and here are a few reasons how:

  1. You are elevated off the ground. This is the most important and perhaps most immediately noticeable aspect of camping in a rooftop tent. Whether or not you have fear of animals attacking your tent on the ground, there is a sense of calm that you can get when you are camping in a rooftop tent that you wouldn’t have otherwise.
  2. You need not have to carry a separate camp mattress as most rooftop tents come with built-in mattresses. They are comfortable as compared to inflatable camp mattresses. Their easy setup allows you to move and roll around without falling off your mattress.
  3. Easy to setup. Simply unzip the cover, flip the tent open and secure the guylines. Set the ladder height and forget it.

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