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Basic Information On The Different Kinds Of Pilot Watch

Watches are small timepieces meant to be worn or carried by someone and are designed to remain working despite the movements due to the activities that person is doing. The most common type of these is the wristwatch that is worn around the wrist and attached by a strap or another bracelet type. Pocket watch is another one which a person carries inside their pocket and usually have a chain on it.

But some professions need certain kind of timepieces that would complement well with their working environment. An example of this is the Pilot watch which are used by aviators when piloting their aircraft up there in the sky. Their features are essential for pilots to use and read the time accurately when they are in the cockpit of an aircraft.

These areas usually have low light so they need one that they can easily read and field watches were the original choice among the first pilots. This is because of their black dials with big white numbers and hand wound movement makes them readable under conditions with low light. But most importantly, they should be accurate.

Various air forces throughout the world started to develop their own versions with additional functions specific for aviation. First among these is Flieger style where the outer dial has large numbers which shows the minutes and an inner dial showing the hours. These were originally massive but are now scaled down.

But as years go by and they started to face the age of jet flight, another requirement has newly emerged for pilots. They need to standardize their global operations which made air forces and airline begin in coordinating based on the Zulu or Greenwich Mean Time. This result with watchmakers to develop one with two hour hands.

The first hand would still function as what normal watches do and read the time of the day using the usual twelve hours. Meanwhile, the second hand will let you read it in 24 hours with its bezel showing the corresponding number. Pilots are now capable in reading the local time with the traditional way while keeping track of flight time using GMT.

Some companies are developing watches which does not only provide the hour of the day but also other information that might be useful. They may feature the following things which are showing multiple time zones, chronographs and having a circular slide rule. This slide rule will let pilots perform all manner of calculations of distance, fuel and duration.

Knowing how to use this feature would usually make the wearer credible among their fellow aviators as doing so is not easy. These watches display a lot of things which makes them look very busy and intimidating to someone with no knowledge of their functions. Though most of them have different straps perfect for business or casual events.

Digital watches are another option though for aviators to use specially those with tough build to survive rugged use. Some are solar powered and have dual timezone capabilities. Though their rugged build is suited only for field use.

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