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Cultured Pearls – Buying Wholesale by Size and Weight

I've often wondered how cultured pearls are sold. Typically they are sold in strands but more often than not they are sold by weight and size. The size of pearls is typically measured in millimeters. For instance, 7 mm or 8 millimeters etc.  At the wholesale Pearl markets, curls will be sold in strands or by weight. And within those categories, of course, you will also be buying by size, quality, and other factors.

Cultured Pearls - Buying Wholesale by Size and Weight

In Zhuji pearl marketplace it's not uncommon to request 7 to 8-millimeter pearls and really get 6.5 to 7.5 mm. Why is this? Well, more and more Chinese wholesalers are cutting back on strand and sizes lengths. Buyers do not like this but that really is a new truth.

It was that if you requested for 7 to 8-millimeter pearls you'd get 75 percent of this batch and 8-millimeter dimensions and 25 percent of this batch at 7-millimeter dimensions. What you're really getting today is 75% at the 6.5-millimeter dimensions and 25% at the 7.5-millimeter size. And this is thought to be a new fact, store carefully.

Typically here we're speaking about round earrings, marginally off a round of pearls are measured by their best width and span. The purchase price for the dimensions of pearls may actually vary quite a bit from 1 trader to another and when you go beyond the eight or 9-millimeter pearl dimensions costs will be inclined to leap upward. 

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