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Occurrence And Popularity Of Travertine!

Flooring is one of the aspects one does not ignore when it comes to renovating and beautifying your house. It essentially builds up the aura and adds to the class of your home decor. The fit and finish and the type of flooring should be your top priority.Talking about this, a lot of modern equipment and products are being offered for flooring solutions. Be it marbles, lamination, carpeting, wooden flooring, ceramic, limestone or premium travertine tiles and what not.

Travertine is one of the most popular and widely used material for wall and floor tiles in modern architecture. It is an excellent option if you are willing to add a touch of luxury without being over the top. The best part about these tiles is the varied uses it can be put to and the durability it guarantees. outdoor travertine tile are used alongside pools, open restaurants, as well as travertine can be used for interior flooring and wall tiling as well.

Italy happened to have held a monopoly in international market for presence of this natural rock in large amounts in areas such as Tivoli and Guidonia Montecelio. These are supposed to be one of the oldest quarries of travertine existing since ancient roman era. It has been used

Travertine tiles has been used predominantly as building material. Here are some of the uses of Travertine material :

  • Ancient Architecture : Travertine has been widely popular in ancient roman architecture. Though it is now widely popular globally, earlier roman buildings one of them being Burghausen Castle is built entirely of Travertine.

  • Art and Culture : Some artists use travertine to carve out sculptures or piece of art from it.

  • Vessels : In ancient civilisations Travertine vessels have also been discovered in Mexico.

  • Modern Architecture : Travertine tiles are widely popular for internal flooring as well wall tiling. Its durable nature, low price and low maintenance makes it a popular choice.

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