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What You Should Expect in Cebu Canyoneering

There are numerous reasons why Canyoneering in Cebu is a perfect thing that you should add to your bucket list. It’s one of the amazing activities that keep your adrenaline pumping and keeps you above the headwater level.

Help you remove your fear

It’s common to people to have a fear of heights. If you are afraid of heights and take reach onto higher places then this activity is perfect for you. You lose the fear in just a matter of few jumps. Height ranges from 10 feet to 50 feet, and there are instances it will leave you no choice but to jump. Unless your guide is generous you enough to lead the way to an alternate route.


Adrenaline is released especially in activities like the Canyoneering. It’s a good thing because it gives you more energy than your normal body can accommodate. It gives a strength which is more than the normal person. The jumps are really frightening especially to timid people who don’t do such activities but this will definitely take you to another level.

Cause you to have a rapid beat

The experience will be amazing especially for those who never had done cliff jumping before. Who would want to jump on a 50 feet cliff? You will jump, yes you are! You would want to try this amazing experience of free falling and your only companion will be the life vest that will keep your head above and a helmet float floater that will keep you safe. People will come to save you if happens that you may drown.

Canyoneering is perfectly safe

Canyoneering is quite different which is far from those daredevil stunts in the air. You will be geared with safety types of equipment to ensure your protection and will definitely make you feel awesome. Basically, fear will come after you but do not let it overtake you.

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