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Application Of Tiles!

Commercial Flooring

Commercial offices, business complex, malls etc prefer variety of floor tiles due to varied reasons. The low cost tiles are easy to install other than being highly durable. Tiles come in subtle patterns as well widely preferred by office spaces to keep ambience of the interior cool and professional. Malls choose marble and tiles as well due to durability and quick installation over large floor area. Tiles are easy to maintain.

Industrial Flooring

Granite and sandstone is the perfect example when it comes to choosing tiles for industrial spaces including factories and warehouses. The wear and tear is high and owners cannot risk hampering routine work by frequent renovations. Durability is therefore, one thing to look for ignoring the beauty and look. Granite, sandstone and travertine is a good example for industrial flooring. Travertine pavers are used for rough areas and warehouses.

Residential Flooring

The highest demand for all tile importers sydney is for residential purpose. People love to build their homes as the best, and are hell bent to achieve what they want. For affordable yet durable floor idea, tiles are preferred these days over marble. The best things is the variety being offered by tile importers Sydney these days. You get to choose out of a large variety of tiles specific to the theme and decor of your house.

Interior wall tiling

The ideas and techniques of interior decoration is ever increasing. Be it wooden cladding, textures, wallpapers and one of them is wall tiling. A lot of tiles of different shades and pattern is available for interior wall cladding. Living rooms and lobby is the most common place where wall tiles are used.

External wall cladding

External wall cladding uses wall tiles normally for beautification of walls. Most of the time external wall cladding is carried out for strategic purposes such as covering damaged wall, moist walls. Some stones have a beautiful appeal and they are used for outer decoration.

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