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Do You Suffer From Knee Pain?

The other day I was walking up my apartment stairs and felt a pain in my right knee.  It felt tight and I felt a shooting pain around my knee cap.  I wasn’t sure why I was experiencing this pain, but like most people I decided to ignore it and keep moving up my stairs.  About a week later the pain was so bad that I was having trouble walking, even when I wasn’t going up a flight of stairs.  I began to take over the counter pain medications which helped me walk throughout the day, however when I did not take the medication the pain would come back and it would feel almost worse.

A friend of mine recommended I go see my local San Diego Chiropractor and have the doctor check my knee.  A chiropractor?  I thought chiropractors only worked on people who have bad backs, not a bad knee.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  When I went to see the chiropractor he had me stand on a bi-lateral scale and the scale showed me that I was not distributing my weight evenly when I was standing.  I was actually putting 10 pounds more on my right side.  He determined my hips were misaligned and my left hip was elevated, putting added pressure on my right side.  After a few adjustments and learning a few stretches my knee pain started to subside.  After a few months I stood on the scale again and was now distributing my weight evenly.  I guess chiropractors help with more than back pain!  They help with overall body alignment, which helps to keep the joints moving properly and reduction of inflammation.  So the next time you have knee pain instead of reaching for medication make an appointment at your local San Diego Chriopractors office.  Remember when you choose to go the natural method for healing it will take more time, however you fix the problem rather than covering it up

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