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Are all checks ticked before email marketing campaign launch?

Today’s consumer has become smarter and doesn’t stick to one brand. Whosoever approaches first with a good deal wins the game here! So the need for efficient marketing arises here. All the companies opt for various marketing mediums such as online ads, SMS marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and more. Hindi SMS Email Marketing is the special one because here you get to give a glimpse of what you’re selling. There are further several aspects which are important for selecting proper display campaigns.

So, before starting an email marketing campaign, following checks need to be ticked.

Identify the buyer persona whom your content can appeal

Offer the deals, connect with people to make them opt for your email

Segment your contacts as per the industry, location, and preferences

Every time ensure that the purpose of the campaign is clear

Email design should be 80% text and 20% images

Hire a writer who can provide a great alluring content

Subject line is important, it should make the user read the email

The subject line should not have spam words like free, buy, get etc.

Tracking of email needs to be established first to know the open rate, deliverability, click through rate, and conversion rate

Test different combinations, bifurcate them for different segment of users

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