Boarding Schools – A Busy, Productive Life

Boarding schools present their students with a special mix of opportunities and experiences. The trick to picking boarding school lies in answering the question- "Am I the sort of student who can and will do well living and working away from my parents?" If your answer is "yes," you will want to take into account the qualities and benefits of a boarding school environment.

Relationships drive boarding schools. You may understand that the teachers as you never imagined. They do not go home at three times when classes are over; they reside with you 24 hours a day, seven days per week. The classroom is only a small portion of a boarding school faculty member's work. Some of the most significant teachings occur beyond the classroom.

Boarding Schools - A Busy, Productive Life

Boarding schools have special relationships with parents. Boarding schools convey the good and the poor- a telephone call from a teacher or adviser at early signs of struggle isn't uncommon. Nor is it from the ordinary to hear from the school when their child excels. An excellent trust supports the sharing of information between school and home.

Engaging academics. Small classes, personal attention, and relationships with teachers mean not getting lost or overlooked in the classroom. Be prepared to participate by asking questions and knowing your material.

The colleges understand and appreciate college admission process, devoting excellent energy and resources to their juniors and seniors. College admission directors provide guidance and structure through standardized testing, self-evaluation, essay writing, and faculty selection. Boarding school college admission officers assist pupils to explore possibilities and concentrate on the schools that best fit their abilities and interests.

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