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Demolition happens because of various reasons such as building might have lived for 80-100 years, requirement of new kind of construction instead of old one and similarly many other. Any valid reason can sustain for demolition but demolition is done as per the proper procedure. Demolition means to destroy and breakdown the structure in pre-planned and controlled method.

Process of Demolition

Survey of Building To Be Demolished: It comprises of analysing the construction type, making the note of presence wastewater, flammable and explosive material, drainage condition, understanding the shared facilities with adjoining building including shared staircase and partition wall. Survey also includes sensitivity of neighbourhood with respect to noise, dust and traffic impact. It includes proper study of construction method, structural condition of basement, underground tanks and condition of building.

Removal of Dangerous Material: Presence of any dangerous material can be harmful hence it is most important to remove such dangerous material from the site as any flammable material or any radioactive metal.

Preparation of Demolishing Plan: This includes measuring the distance of demolition building from adjoining building, studying structural support system of the building, method of managing debris of demolished building, time required for demolition and the method of demolition.

Finalising the Method of Demolishing: There are two kinds of demolishing methods – explosive and non-explosive method.

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