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Beijing Origin And Changes

As demonstrated in the text of the history, the Beijing Urban Construction area for 30 40 decades, the vicissitudes of history, its name was called thistle, capital of the Zhou Dynasty. Zhujun Sui heritage for the town to thistle, ” Tang together Youzhou.

Liao Ji are all in Capital, renamed Nanjing, also called Yanjing, ” Jin, subsequent to a formal movement of the main city Liaoning here, either called into the Yuan Dynasty, also established from the outskirts of the town are traditionally called the many.

Converted All of the Ming Dynasty, stated before Beijing. Qing capital Beijing to last before the last collapse of this feudal dynasty.

“Thistle” growth “thistle” may be your name, first found in “Book of Rites” from the “Music” phase: “Wu Wang Keyan, anti-business, virtually no time away, and also shut following the Yellow Emperor from the thistle.”

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Speaking about the week Shang King Wu forces Damaged instantly following the Beginning of the descendants of the Yellow Emperor from the package thistle very fact. “Ji” is your packet Zhou vassal country from the northwest, as well on the funding has been located.

It follows that at the least at the Western Zhou Dynasty when the close town of Beijing now to possess one called “thistle” from the metropolis.

“Yan” and also “thistle” Western Zhou Dynasty, King Wu of Zhou Ji country packet once the package continues to be yet another vassal country of the northwest, that will be Yan. ”

Ancient Records. Yan Zhao Gong family,” it reads: “King Wu of Zhou off the off, also called the people in Northern Yan Feng.” Referring to some tips about that which we call the North Yan Yan.

Ergo at the Western Zhou Dynasty, once near the current city of Beijing along with the places already possess both Western Zhou vassal country, one is thistle nation, one other is developed to a thistle nearby the Yan State.

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