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Do HEPA Filters Remove Mold?

Some allergies are worse than others. There are people with such negative reactions that some have even died from asphyxiation. That means their air passages were so inflamed that they suffocated from their own body. These are usually food allergies, but something like mold can cause a bad reaction as well. Those sensitive to mold and mold spores can cause an allergic reaction to the point of getting really sick.

Mold is a fungus that can release spores into the air. Some people’s immune systems can’t handle it. Your body send out defenses to stop these spores, but it ends up restricting itself from functioning normally. It can result in difficulty breathing, watery, itchy eyes, and a scratchy throat.

This isn’t all, of course. Mold can make you dizzy, give you occasional headaches, and make you drowsy. There are many ways to get rid of mold spores in the air, but it can be difficult.

Along with mold removal, Damage Control 911 of Orlando gives us information on how to effectively remove mold spores from the air. Air purifiers are a method that will pull the spores from the air and trap them in its filter. HEPA filters are very good at this, usually eliminating the fungus if you clean the filters often enough. This will not only slow the spread of mold, but it also removes dust and pollen from the air as well.

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