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Top 5 Best Car Battery Chargers To Buy

Car battery chargers are very important in ensuring smooth operation of your car engine. That is why the best car battery chargers are recommended for every car owner out there. There are basically four types of car battery chargers on the market: copper core spark plugs, Iridium spark plugs, platinum spark plugs and double platinum spark plugs. Each of these has its own pros and cons, therefore the one you buy will depend on your needs and preferences.

Top in the list of the best car battery chargers is the Bosch 4428 FGR8LQP0 Platinum + 4 spark plug. Though it is highly priced, this is a great charger to choose for its ability to increase the accelerator power. Besides, it is a product of a company that is well known for its great quality productions.

The second best car charger is the Denso (5304) IK20 Iridium Power Spark Plug. This is a very easy to install car charger and can assure you of increased torque and acceleration.

Third in the list is the NGK (5019) LTR5 GP G-Power Spark Plug. This is a very affordable option for people who are working with a tight budget. You, however, will need an extension to install it in your car.

The NGK 7090 G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs BKR5EGP is also very affordable and can assure you of improved mileage and the reproduction of flame.

Finally, there is the Motorcraft SP-515 Spark Plug, a very easy to install car charger, though it doesn’t fit in some car models.

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