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Best Bamboo Viscose Sheets

We're going to talk today about viscose and bamboo sheets, what makes them different from the other variations of bamboo sheets, and why most claim bamboo viscose sheets are the best you can get in bamboo sheets.

First let's explain what viscose is. Viscose is the fibers of plant material that are broken down by a chemical process to make thin, strong and soft fibers that have other pretty incredible qualities. To sum this up clearly. They use cellulose to make viscose from plants to mix with chemicals that produces an artificial fiber.From a legal standpoint, it's classified as rayon made from bamboo as mentioned on http://bedspace.net/.

While there are other forms of bamboo sheets, viscose is the most coveted of the 4 options. It's more absorbent than cotton and wicks better and, it's not a fabric that is prone to static buildup from the dryer. It doesn't insulate body heat. People who suffer from night sweats, or as I say, my thermostat just runs a bit higher, can get some sleep… while remaining dry.

People who have sensitive skin, allergies or are prone to bacterial infection on the skin swear by bamboo sheets made from bamboo viscose. There a are many benefits to bamboo sheets, and bamboo viscose are the most sought after for a reason.


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