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A Fabric Grow Planter Would Simplify Things

Some of the benefits of grow planter fabric pots include the fact that the fabric pot allows a denser soil medium to dry out more evenly. So when you have the bottom two-thirds or bottom third of the pot stand wet on you, and the other part getting dry, which happens a lot in plastic pots with a really dense mix, you don't get that as much with fabric pots just because the air can get to all around them.

The root systems themselves grow a little bit differently when they hit this air. They do what is called air pruning and they kind of revert back into the soil medium and create more fibrous feeder roots than just continuing to make tap roots. So you actually get a little bit better root structure with fabric pots and a lot of people do so, they get healthier, faster growth.

With the fabric pots, plants are a little bit hard to transplant out. When you try to get them out of there, you'll hear some ripping and tearing and that's the roots that built into there and it can be a little tricky. There is a pretty cool little solution for that. There are fabric pots of all different sizes that come with snaps on the front.

You can actually open these up and then actually take the pot, pop right out of it or empty the plant right out of it without as much tearing, or as much trouble. So if you do want to do fabric pots from the start all the way to finish, then consider going for these types of grow planter fabric pots.

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