Making Your Own T-shirt: Ideas to Help You Get Started.

The best way to make your own tshirt online is to use a website that has everything you need. This will make the process very easy for you, because you won't have to travel around shopping for tshirts and screen printers. In this article I will explain some of the basics to get started creating your own tshirt. You will then get more of an idea of what is involved and how to get started.

Design Choices

First of all you are going to have to make a few different choices to get started. Here is a list to help with the process.

  • Blank tshirt Brand.
  • %100 cotton or blend
  • Size
  • fit
  • Colour
  • Design
  • Design colours
  • Shipping method

Photo of a man wearing a blank tshirt




Gilden Fitted Tshirts.

One of the top t-shirt manufacturers for screen printing your t-shirt with designs and logos is Gilden Activewear Inc. Gilden was formed in 1984 and is a publicly listed company within the textile and clothing industries. Now they are a leading provider of blank t-shirts.

 If you are looking to make your own t-shirt, Gilden has some of the best colors and styles. The men's fitted short sleeve t-shirt is one of the most popular. It comes in five different sizes including small to two times extra large. The cut of the shirt has a rolled forward shoulder line for a better fit and a tubular body for minimal stretch. It is made from %100 premium cotton so that it provides a comfortable feel and keeps its shape longer than lower grades of cotton.

cotton used for tshirts image

Cotton Is Best For Screen Printing.

Cotton is a natural fiber that is grown, harvested, and spun into thread. This is then knitted into fabric. This fabric is then cut and sewn into t-shirts. The cotton fiber is a better choice for making your own t-shirt because it tends to absorb the ink much better than synthetic materials. Synthetic material is usually made from a man-made fiber like polyester. This is a type of plastic, so the ink tends to stay on the surface of the material. The downside to this is that the print on your t-shirt is not going to last as long as it would if it was on cotton.

How To Make Your Own Tshirt Online.

There are many websites online that offer a complete way to make your own tshirt. You can choose the type of t-shirt you want to use. Upload your design into the software. Place your design on it. Decide which colors to use. Once you have completed the process you can then get it delivered straight to your front door in just a couple of days.


Now that you have an idea on how to make your own t-shirt online, you can get started straight away without any fuss. Who knows, you may be the next world famous fashion designer. The best part of is that it is a lot of fun and easy to do nowadays.

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