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Floor Lamps Can Really Come in Handy

Few pieces of furniture ever created have been as handy as floor lamps. It seems that in every house I have ever lived, I always keep them around, and at the moment, I have four in my house. They are so useful to have around and for a number of reasons. I think that sometimes I annoy my wife with the fact that whenever we go furniture shopping, I always want to look at floor lamps, but I always try to explain to her what makes them so great. I think I might be starting to finally make some headway.

One of the best things about floor lamps is the fact that they can fit almost anywhere. I have made a point in every house we have lived in to place our floor lamps in places where other furniture could not go, and it is always a nice look. Case in point, I always like to have the chairs in my house caddy cornered in a room. That does not leave much space on each side of the chair, but a floor lamp always fits perfectly in such places, and makes quite a cozy place to read.

Another great thing about floor lamps is that they are easier to position than lamps that are sitting on tables. I can sit my floor lamp at an angle where it pours light right over the top of my shoulder so that I can read very clearly and easily. I don't have to worry about tilting a lamp shade or hoping that the lamp sitting next to me is close enough to provide good light by which to read. It may sound funny, but for a person who loves to read, that is a nice luxury to have.

Floor lamps are also quite durable. I never will forget the first floor lamp that was given to me. I was about 14 years old at the time, and it was a gift from my father. That was more than 20 years ago, but I still have the lamp and it still works as good as ever. I do not recall ever having a desk lamp that lasted that long, and my wife has even commented on how it has held up through countless moves and being jostled about as we try to find the best place for it. You can get so many different styles of floor lamps, many with fun lamp shades too, perfect for any room or style.

Floor lamps have a lot of advantages. I love having them in our house, and my wife has finally admitted that they are pretty useful. It is not something that most people think of when they discuss things they love about their homes, but they are certainly something that I love about mine, and we will always have them around our home

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