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Best Momme for Mulberry Silk Sheets

Normally when you set out to buy new sheets for your bed, if you are choosing cotton sheets or many other sheet materials, you look at the thread count to know how thick and durable those sheets will be. A cheaper set of sheets will only be 200 to 300 thread count. When you get into 400 thread count and even higher, the sheet sets increase drastically in price.

When you are looking to purchase a mulberry silk sheet set, this is going to be an entirely different thing. Silk sheets are not measured by the thread per square inch, but by the “momme” per square meter. Momme or mm, is a weight measurement, not a thread count. The higher the momme in most cases, the heavier and better quality the silk will be.

However, you must keep in mind that just because the momme is very high, it does not necessarily mean it is better for a sheet set. The best momme for silk sheets is generally between 19 and 25. Some think that the 19 mm is just as luxurious and the 25 mm. The higher the momme is, sometimes it can cause the fabric to lose some of its softness.

When you visit sites like BedSpace and others that specialize in information about bedding, you can learn even more about which sheets are best for your needs, what brands are most reputable and what they will cost you before you make a decision.

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