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Crystal Glass Awards For Crystal people

When wanting to recognize employee contributions or an outstanding accomplishment in the football area, crystal awards can surely add an excess bit of class to service.

When comparing the awards, then guarantee that the award is really crystal rather than synthetic or glass substance, for example, Lucite. It's really easy to tell whether you've got a crystal or glass award. To learn more information about engraved crystal you may check here

Crystal Glass Awards For Crystal people

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There are approximately five big differences between crystal awards and awards made from lesser quality stuff.

Crystal contains compact metals; therefore it's going to be thicker than glass or Lucite. Compare crystal to some bit of glass that is exactly the same size – which the crystal needs to be clearly heavier.

An additional way to tell if it's glass or the true issue would be to look at its resonance. Harness a sheet of crystal and it'll emit a high pitched tone as a glass or Lucite plaque will only seem like a low pitched kludge. There ought to be a small timbre at the tone of this crystal piece.

Crystal and glass refract light differently. Hold up a crystal into the light and it must seem rather clear, but it also needs to demonstrate a rainbow prism when held in certain angles to the light.

Glass may also have a prism effect; however, very clear glass is going to have a somewhat green or yellowish tint once the light moves through.

Carefully analyze the angles and edges of a crystal. A crystal will have smooth, rounded edges and cuts, even though a glass bit will have sharp-angled corners and edges.

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