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Cozumel The Home Of Exotic Flora And Fauna

The Cozumel island lies off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula in south-east Mexico and could be reached through an hour-long ferry ride or with a brief airplane transfer from Cancun Airport. If you are searching for modern amenities mixed together with a rich heritage then Cozumel is the place to go.

There are top-class cosmopolitan resorts and restaurants. People can delight in the old customs which combine nicely with the new. Holidays in Cozumel are available for all budgets and are usually centered on the islands many beaches.

Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, this popular holiday destination is well known for its amazing beaches and Cozumel Mexico Scuba diving. Most of Cozumel is undeveloped with the dense jungle that is home to exotic flora and fauna like parrots, macaws, deer, and lizards.

The west shore of this island is home to hotels and resorts and is popular as a cruise-ship stop-off point. Cozumel beaches have fine white sand and crystal clear blue waters that are home to many coral reefs.

 The best beaches can be seen on the islands inland south-west facet that's also famed for its spectacular stretch of coral reefs and the protected Parque Marino de Cozumel which is excellent for snorkeling and diving.

The shores of Playa Corona and Playa Palancar could be located along this stretch but if you are searching for larger beaches you'll have to visit Playa Sol and Playa San Francisco that are popular with all the cruise ships. All along the shore, there are'beach clubs' which serve food and drink and also offer sun beds and loungers for sunbathing.

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